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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me design a name badge online?

Of course! Our website has a fantastic, easy-to-use name badge designer and we've developed some great how-to videos to help you design your perfect badge. Simply click the link below to see our range of help videos, then go straight ahead and design your name badge.

Click here to watch our 'design a name badge' help videos
What is the minimum order quantity?

To keep things simple, we have no minimum order quantity. We accept orders for just one badge!

How long are your turn-around times?

We aim to ship all orders within 4 business days, unless it's for a very large quantity.

All FedEx shipments take 2-3 business days for transit.

Once the badges have completed production and are shipping out for delivery, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number so you can easily track your badges right to your door. Signature is required upon delivery.

Worried about receiving your name tags on time? Contact us at 1-877-422-0NBI (0624) or, we may be able to help.

How much do your name badges cost?

All of our prices depend on the type of badge, fitting and the quantity. The more you buy, the more affordable each badge becomes. You can find the badge prices by clicking one of the following links:

Prestige Name Badges

Executive Name Badges

Standard Name Badges

Reusable Name Badges

Shapes Name Badges

Regal Name Badges

Circle Name Badges

Engraved Name Badges

We also have a Quote page where you can enter in your order information, select your shipping and handling and print or email a quote.

We readily offer this information as we believe our prices to be extremely competitive. Unlike most of our competitors, there are no hidden costs for doming, personalization, metallic backgrounds or full color designs. The price you see is what you pay!

I want to order 20 badges, do I have to design every badge individually?

No. To keeps things simple, we only require you to design the first badge for each design. Once this first badge has been designed additional names and/or job titles can be added in the next step. Once your order has been processed, a graphic designer will look over your design and ensure that any long names fit on the badge and that the overall design is aligned correctly. Also, remember to proof each name to make sure that there aren't any spelling mistakes. Once the order is submitted, it'll go directly into production, so no changes can be made.

Are the badge prices competitive?

We believe our prices to be extremely competitive and do not hide any extra fees like our competitors' websites. There are no hidden fees for doming, personalization, metallic backgrounds or full color designs. The price you see is what you pay!

You can find the badge prices by clicking the Prices tab in the toolbar or do a custom quote by clicking on the Quote tab.

How much do you charge for delivery?

The speed of production and the shipping cost is included together in the shipping & handling fee. We ship all orders via FedEx. Price is determined by the order total. For more information on shipping charges please see the bottom of our Prices page. We are unable to ship on customer's shipping accounts.

Are there any setup or design fees?

Here at Name Badges International, we are proud to say that we have absolutely no hidden charges. To keep things simple, all that you pay is the cost of the badge and shipping and handling. That means no setup fees, no proof fees and no design fees!

Customers must enter their orders through the website, but our Customer Service Representatives are always available to guide you through the process.

How do you prefer my artwork/logo to be supplied?

We can accept logos and badge designs in almost any format, just send in the best quality logo you have and we’ll be able to produce the best possible result. As a general rule, our preferred file formats are jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif and tif.

To find out more about submitting your own artwork and logos please visit our Technical page.

Do I have a choice of fittings for my name badges?

All of our name badges come with a choice of three fittings: Pin, Clip or Magnet, with the Exception of our Executive range, which comes with a complimentary upgrade to a Magnet. Details on each of the fittings can be found by visiting the badge fittings page.

What information will I have to provide when ordering name badges?
  • Type of name badges required: Prestige Name Badges, Executive Name Badges, Standard Name Badges, Shaped Name Badges, Regal Name Badges, Circle Name Badges or Engraved Name Badges
  • Size of badge (If you choose a Prestige, Executive or Engraved Name Badge)
  • Badge border color (Only the edge will be visible)
  • Background color of the badge
  • Total quantity required
  • Your choice of fitting: Magnet or Pin
  • Your logo or badge design artwork
    See FAQ: How do you prefer my artwork/logo to be supplied?
  • Name list
    A list of names and/or job titles that you would like on the badges, either manually entered or uploaded from an Excel file.
  • Contact details
    Your full invoice and delivery details including your phone number and email address.
How do badges from Name Badges International compare to others?

Here at Name Badges International we’re committed to quality. Our name badges are produced using only the very best materials and all badges are produced with a scratch proof epoxy coating. All of our name badges use either high quality polished metal or premium quality injection molded plastic to ensure extreme durability. Our range of pin, clip and magnetic fittings is very durable and designed to last the life of the badge. To find out more, visit our commitment to quality page.

How does the service compare to other badge makers?

Our quality of service is the best in the industry and we strive to keep it that way. At Name Badges International we offer a friendly, reliable service and we invite you to give us a call at any time at 1-877-422-0624 between 10:30am-7:00pm EST. We offer all kinds of help, from styling advice, submitting your order, setting up your artwork and finding the best type of badge for your intended use!

How long have you been printing badges?

As a company, we have been in the badge and promotional printing business for more than 30 years, gathering a vast amount of professional knowledge that we can use to help you create the perfect name badge for your company.

Other aspects of promotional printing that we can provide you with include Decorations for Apparel.

Do your name badges have a scratch-proof protective dome?

All of our name badges are domed with a scratch-resistant epoxy resin. Not only is the plastic coating scratch-proof, but it also protects the badge. This protection helps to keep your logo looking bright and clear, preserving each of your design's vibrant colors for years of faithful service. These badges are recommended for indoors as they are UV sensitive.

Do you supply a digital proof of the badges before you produce them?

When designing your name badges on-line, you will be given the option to save a proof of your design that includes all of the details on the badge. This proof includes just one design. Resellers can also save a blind proof of their badge to show prospective customers that doesn't include the NBI logo or contact information. Due to software changes, we are unable to provide a proof of all badges before production. We recommend when designing badges, to set up the individual proof with the longest name. All additional badges will be replicated with the same artwork and layout.

At what stage in the order process do you take payment?

Payment for web orders are taken at the time that they are submitted. Creating designs and setting up a catalog are all completely free of charge. You can even save a proof of your design for free.

How do you print the name badges?

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 color process to print all logos, text and solid background colors of the badges. For more information on colors, see our Technical page.

What are your Executive name badges made from?

Our Executive name badges are made from metal in a choice of gold or silver-effect finishes giving that premium look that looks great on suits and tailored jackets. Our Executive name badges can have a background of brushed gold, brushed silver, white or any other color that you wish provide. All of our badges are protected by a domed resin finish.

What are your Prestige, Standard and Oval name badges made from?

Our Prestige, Standard and Oval name badges are made from injection molded recyclable, ABS plastic for excellent strength and durability. Our Prestige, Oval and Standard name tags can have a background of brushed gold, brushed silver, white or any other color that you wish to provide.

What if I'm a member of a buying group, association or reseller, do I receive any discounted pricing?

NBI is associated with several buying groups including ASI, Sage, Distributor Central, PPAI, CSC Network and Unilink/Universal Purchasing. To access all reseller information, please click HERE.